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One Year Olds: PLAY is Their WORK

One year olds are in full speed; mobility, improving coordination, talking, observing and experimenting with everything in their sight. The year could be called the WOW Year (Watch Out World, here they come). They are discovering and investigating their world; they want to know why and how things are put together. Ones will do all of this through PLAY; it’s their...more

Babies Can Learn

  If you are a teacher and reading this post, please know how very important you are to the child you teach. If you are a parent reading this article, know you can use some of the same ideas or techniques to engage your child as they learn about God. Teaching  babies can be fun and joyful. As teachers,...more

Three Steps to Teach Your Child About God

Parents and teachers are called to teach children about God. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 clearly tells you how; talking about God as you sit at home, when you go about your day, when you put your children to bed and when they get up in the morning. Make reading scripture and prayer a priority so that God’s truths flow from your heart. Children will...more

Celebrating Advent

Learn great ways to anticipate and celebrate Jesus’s birth with ideas and activities for young children.

Helping Your Children Learn About God

You may have heard me use this phrase many times, but here it goes again: “God created children with the capacity to learn about Him.” One of my seminary professors used this phrase often in his teaching.   I began thinking, “What does that phrase mean for parents?” First, God made children to be multi-sensory learners. They learn in a...more
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