Guiding Preschoolers

A Child Develops Courage

Meg approaches the stairs. She watched her brother head up the steps. She goes for it. From a distance mom is observing Meg’s attempt to climb her first step. Not wanting her to fall, mom comes immediately and stops the climb. Mom gently places her in front of another toy in an attempt to redirect her and even exchanges some conversation. But Meg is persistent and in her mind she wants to  climb like everyone else.

What would you do? Parents consistently want to keep their child safe and secure. A natural instinct! Let’s fast forward. How will a child learn to develop new skills, become confident, and reduce certain fear. Here are a few ideas:

  • give your child a variety of experiences that relate to his or her preferences. She needs to challenge her own understanding of how things work.
  • allow her to try even though it may take several attempts. Repetition is always good for any age learner.
  • provide time. A child may not master a skill or solve a problem the first time. Allow her to move at her own rate. She will ultimately learn.
  • allow her to experience a little frustration or failure. Overcoming a little disappointment goes along way. She needs to know that she can accomplish something by trying again.
  • encourage her to keep trying.  Ask, “What could you do differently?” A child will develop self-confidence when she succeeds.

A child will develop courage as she becomes competent in new skills and engages in new experiences. Fear of trying takes a back seat. So, parents, let them try, but keep your eyes open and alert.



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