Guiding Preschoolers

The Importance of Positive Relationships


Relationships with loving and caring adults are primary to the way a child will grow both physically and emotionally. These nurturing relationships provide stability for the child and encourage every aspect of a child’s development. These adults may be parents, extended family, good friends of the family and/or teachers in early childhood settings and in the preschool ministries of their church.

Nothing is learned apart from relationships. Children will imitate those around them as they begin to gain a sense of self. They will believe what their parents or caregivers say because of the trust that has been developed. Positive relationships encourage self-esteem and a sense of worth. What better way for children to hear about God and Jesus and His love for them than from individuals who sincerely love and provide for them. These individuals have an unfailing love for the children. As someone once said, “Every child needs someone who is absolutely crazy about them.” What happens when children have an opportunity to have friends, parents, and teachers who love them? They . . .

  • become confident in who they are.
  • are able to give back to others.
  • develop warm caring friendships with others.
  • learn to take turns and then they can learn to share.
  • make progress in social skills like getting along with one another.
  • grow in positive attitudes about the environment in which they are a part.
  • come to be less self-centered and begin to care about others.

The consistency of teachers and adults in children’s lives provide a framework where they grow and become the individuals God created them to be.

A teacher who is consistent in Sunday School has the opportunity to get to know each child and the child will get to know his teacher. When the conversation relates to God, through a story, Biblical truth, or Bible verse, the child understands because the message is spoken by someone they know and trust.

Positive relationships provide opportunities for learning in all areas of life. Encourage, equip, and teach as you develop that all important relationship with your child or a child you teach.

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