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The Bible and Preschoolers

The Bible and Preschoolers - Ann Edwards, Guiding Preschoolers

What is the Bible to a preschool child? Perhaps a book he sees his teacher use in Sunday School and hears his mom and dad read at home. The Bible becomes important when preschoolers have the opportunity to touch the pages, pretend to read it, or actually identify pictures they see of the stories they know.

What Preschoolers Need to Know About the Bible

Babies – 2s

  • The Bible is a special book; so let young children become familiar with it early in life. As you tell them this is the Bible, let them hold, pat, and touch it. Older 2s can turn the pages and pretend to read the Bible. They will develop an understanding of the importance of the Bible as they are given opportunity to hold it and explore its pages.
  • The Bible tells about God and Jesus. As you talk about Jesus and God to preschoolers, open the Bible to a verse, story, or picture. They can learn to associate the names of God and Jesus with the Bible.
  • People in the Bible told others about God and Jesus. Show pictures of Bible story characters on teaching pictures or pictures in the Read to Me Bible for Kids. You can also use the weekly take-home pages that show pictures of Bible story characters.

3s – Pre-K

  • The stories in the Bible are true and real. Tell children why the story is important to you. Thank God for the stories that tell us about Him and His care for us.
  • Children can learn about God and Jesus from the stories in the Bible. Open the Bible to the correct Scripture reference and place it on your lap as you tell the story. Preschoolers will learn that the stories you tell are found in the Bible for people to read.
  • People in the Bible wrote about God. The child will learn as you say: “People in the Bible told about God (Jesus). They wrote it down for others to read and remember.” These simple statements are remembered by a child as you repeat them over and over.


  • The stories are real. Some stories will need an explanation such as: “Only God can do this. No one else can do this.” We don’t want to confuse the child to think it is fantasy. Their world is full of fantasy play, but we want them to learn that things talked about in the Bible are real.
  • The Bible tells what God and Jesus are like. The many stories of God and Jesus tell us of their nature. A particular story might leave an impression of God or Jesus because of the way you tell the story to children.
  • People wrote God’s words in the Bible. Many Bible stories that kindergartners hear help them learn that God told others what to write about Him.

Ways You Can Use the Bible with Preschoolers

  • Make the Bible accessible to children.
  • Identify the Bible to a baby or one year old by saying: “Bible. This is the Bible, it tells us about God.”
  • Cover the Bible with a cloth and let the child remove the covering to discover the Bible.
  • Let them see you read from the Bible when you show a picture or tell a story.
  • Highlight a Bible verse and put your finger on the words as you read it to a child. He will feel like he is reading it, too.
  • Allow preschoolers to hold the Bible as you talk about a Bible picture.
  • Use more than one Bible in the classroom. Make them available for the children in one or two of the learning centers.
  • Lay the teaching picture near the Bible on a table or on the floor.
  • Put a post-it note in the location of the Bible story and let the child turn to the page.
  • If children bring their Bibles to church, show them how to use it as you tell the stories.
  • Place a Bible marker in the Bible where the story or verse is located.

Remember you are helping preschoolers begin to form an understanding of God and Jesus. You are helping boys and girls develop a foundation for spiritual truths that comes from an understanding of the Bible.

Enjoy your time with preschoolers as you encourage their development and understanding of the Bible. Use it often in your classroom.

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